Precision metal progressive stamping die

YALU group has strong mold technology development ability and
mold manufacturing ability.
Mold manufacturing has fast response, strong ability
and short cycle, and can be made according to different
technical requirements of customers,
Design and manufacture special molds for special products.

Mold development cycle:

One stage mould: 10-15 days;

two stage mould: 12-18 days;

Three stage mold: 15-25 days;

more than four stages: 20-35 days;

A Review of Die Workshop

We are ISO 9001、ISO14001、IATF16949、ISO13485 certified.

YALU Industry has been designing and building custom tools and dies for leading OEM and tier manufacturers in aerospace, appliance, automotive, electric vehicle, electrical equipment, electronics, lighting, military and defense, solar, structural building components, and telecommunications industries, among others.

Our die workshop

Mold material:

The imported or domestic materials shall be selected according to the requirements of different accuracy, service life, product material hardness, etc.

Some of our for Die product samples:

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