Metal Stamping in YALU

As one of the leading metal stamping manufacturers in China, YALU has the ability to supply a wide range of flat metal including stainless steel, iron and copper to manufacture various quality products and components. Using equipment with multiple punch functions and different dies to accommodate different material thicknesses, we can provide a flexible and high-quality custom service capable of supporting high volume projects.



Mold design experience.

15 people

Mold designer.

25 people

Mold maker.

20 people

Mold maintenance personnel.

36 sets

25-400t production equipment.


we are offering our customers a one stop solution. For example,


after PRODUCING the metal products we finish with surface treatment.


– Powder Coating

– Spray painting

– Silk printing


– Galvanizing

– Polishing

– Anodizing

Some of our for metal stamping product samples:

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