Plastic Injection molding in YALU

Our plastic injection molding process produces custom prototypes and end-use production parts in 15 days or less. Our injection molded parts are widely used in the medical industry, automotive industry, and special connectors.

10 years

Mold design experience.

15 people

Processing personnel.

6 people

Assembly and maintenance team.

20 sets

90-1600t injection molding equipment.

Why working with us on your
injection molding design?

We can help you reduce cost via below solutions

1. Eliminate undercuts
2. Get rid of unnecessary features
3. Use a core cavity approach
4. Improve the quality of appearances
5. Design self-mating parts
6. Modify and optimize the moulds
7. Pay attention to DFM analysis
8. Use multi-cavity or family mould
9. Consider the part size

What can Injection Molding be used for?

Injection Molding is used to make a variety of widely used products.

If you look around your desk/ home you will find a multitude of injection molding products, from bottle tops, remote control casing, console covers, syringes and most plastic made products.

Precision plastic injection product samples:

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