Automated Silver contact welding and riveting production

YALU Industry has rich experience in silver contact welding and riveting production. This combination of expertise and accuracy means we can consistently deliver high-quality welded parts to you.

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We are ISO 9001、ISO14001、IATF16949、ISO13485 certified.

Our Automated Welding Workshop

The imported or domestic materials shall be selected according to the requirements of different accuracy, service life, product material hardness, etc.

Why working with us on your
metal stamping manufacturing?

√ We assist our clients to refine their product design and assure the product’s accuracy, quality and competitiveness according to the specifications.

√ We have the capabilities to manufacture complex, high precision parts.

√ Since 2003 we serve our clients for mold design, metal and plastic manufacturing.

√ One stop solution for all your metal products with all processing possibilities including in-house mold design and manufacturing.

√ We are ISO 9001、ISO14001、IATF16949、ISO13485 certified.

√ We are a leading metal stamping manufacturing company and we understand the requirements of our clients in terms of best price, quality, and service.

√ We offer legitimate prices from China.

√ We have a team of around 30 experienced engineers and 20 professional QC specialists.

√ We can offer short manufacturing lead time for the manufacturing of new products, and it cost only 25-30days from prototyping to mass production.

Some of our for precision metal stamping products samples:

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