Normal Press 16T

2 set

High-speed Press 16T – 45T

11 sets

Pneumatic Press 60T – 400T

28 sets

Silver Contact Welding Machine

6 sets

Dual Product Welding Machine

3 sets

Normal CCD Inspection Device

3 sets

Special CCD Inspection Device

4 sets

19 Years’

Production and management experience in precision metal progressive stamping parts.


the manufacturing experience on Iron,copper,stainless steel, aluminium, nickel,silver and other alloy, etc.


Progressive deep drawing, progressive multi steps deep drawing, progressive no collapse stamping, multi direction bending, in-mold riveting,in-mold tapping,ultrathin material progressive stamping, silver contacts welding, narrow edge stamping, and other kinds of progressive stamping experience.

Progressive Flat Stamping Products

Ultra-thin material parts

Riveting Parts

No collapse parts

Multi direction bending parts

High temperature resistant parts

Ultra high hardness material

Multi direction big bending parts

Progressive Deep Drawing Parts

Large size deep drawing

Products with steps

Products with high depth diameter ratio

Long oval products

Square structure

Special shaped flange edge

Thick material

Electronic cigarette holder

Products with flange edge

Silver Contact Welding and Riveting Parts

Silver contact welding parts

Silver contact welding parts

Silver contact riveting parts

Silver contact riveting parts

10 years

cooperation relationship with our professional metal surface treatment partners, we are working together to achieve customer’s high quality request.

Worked with some scaled heat treatment suppliers

To improve product property by removing stress and magnet. To strengthen the product structure by the treatment of quenching, carburizing, nitriding, boriding, siliconing, sulfurizing, alumetizing, chromizing, zincizing, Carbonitriding, etc.

Worked with some scaled plating suppliers

Zinc plating, Nickel plating, can increase the salt spray endurance of iron parts to above 1000h.

Color Zinc plating + special sealing process, can increase the salt spray endurance of iron parts to 720 h and above. Zinc-Nickel alloy plating + special passivation, makes to solution to the strong light inhibition optical parts.

Gold/silver plating on copper and stainless steel surface, improves the conductivity of the electrical appliance parts.

Surface treatment advantages

Long Spray Endurance Automotive parts

Strong light inhibition Optical parts

Conductive Electrical Appliance parts

A manufacturer focused on
stamping parts both in tiny and big shape

Wide range of applications

To provide solutions to various request of different industries