Precision Metal Stamping in YALU


We are a leading manufacturing company of metal stamping 
in China with strong capabilities in:


– Single Punch Die/Normal stamping (Blanking, Bending, Forming, Piercing, Coining…)

– Progressive die- / high-speed stamping

– Precision metal stamping


Technical capability:

19 years

Mold design experience.

15 people

Mold designer.

25 people

Mold maker.

20 people

Mold maintenance personnel.

36 sets

25-400t production equipment.

YALU Precision Metal Manufacturing is focused on being the leader in innovation, technology, and customer-specific solutions.

Precision Metal Stamping provides engineering design, scalable solutions to our targeted customers by utilizes technology advantages to enable manufacturing and lean methodologies.

Precision metal stamping sometimes referred to as progressive metal stamping, is a popular manufacturing process that enables a range of industries to produce incredibly precise parts in an efficient and affordable manner.


Precision metal stamping is flexible and adaptable, and is particularly beneficial for high-volume manufacturing.


There are three main tooling methods for precision metal stamping:

  • Soft Tooling. A straightforward, single-machine method for smaller production runs.
  • Stage Tooling. Adds several machines to the process, with workers manually moving the workpiece between machines.
  • Hard Tooling. A fully automated process best for high volume output.

Problem Solving:

For complex projects requiring microstamping or detailed work, precision metal stamping is often the best solution. Where other types of machining may not be able to meet the tolerances required by the project, precision metal stamping can solve challenging problems and machine a high quality final part.


Some of our for precision metal stamping products samples:

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