Micro switch

DEWEI is a subsidiary company of YALU Group, focusing on the research and development, production and sales of Micro Switch as one of the technology-based enterprises. With a 12-year qualified R & D team and automatic production equipment development team. With advanced design concepts and management ideas, perfect ISO management system.

The products comply with ROHS and have obtained the safety testing certification of UL, CUL, CE, ENEC, VDE, CQC and other authoritative organizations. Products are widely used in high-end household appliances, office equipment, industrial control, auto parts, medical equipment, cameras and other consumer electronics, communication equipment, security and other fields.

Micro switches certificationg

A view of the automated Micro Switches

We have ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, ENEC, ROHS, REACH, CQC certificates for our micro switches product.

Our Micro Switches Workshop

Series of Micro switch products

MK series micro switch

DW series micro switch

DM series micro switch

SW series micro switch

DMS series micro switch

TS series micro switch


Please contact us if you need the latest specification and dimension in details, we will provide you immediately.

Some of our for deep drawn product samples:

Automatic assembly equipment for pressing handle on Medium-micro switch

6 set

Automatic assembly equipment for mini-micro switch

8 set

Automatic assembly equipment for handle on Mini-micro switch

4 set

Automatic shrapnel assembling equipment for Mini-micro switch

6 set

Automatic carving Machine

3 set

Automatic cutting Machine

2 set

Automatic wrapping Machine

2 set

Terminal cutting machine

2 set

Terminal bending machine

2 set

Laser engraving machine

6 set

Semi-automatic tapping machine

2 set

Automatic silver contact welding machine

4 set