What is progressive drawing?

Progressive drawing is a method whereby coil or strip stock raw material is fed between an upper and lower die with multiple stations. With each stroke of the press, the material advances through the die – which has successive operations in each station to form one or more features of the part. A progressive drawing die may have anywhere between 2 and 20 or more stations to form a complete part.

YALU Group has state-of-the-art facilities to meet all of your progressive stamping needs. We manufacture quality parts accurately and economically every time. Progressive die metal stamping is one of the most common types of stamping processes and we have a variety of materials, production capabilities, and warehousing one-stop services for all of your metal stamping applications.
  • Progressive die stamping process offers:
  • An assortment of stamping shapes or structures at once
  • Minimal material handling reducing overall cost
  • The efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process
  • Offers high-speed, high volume production
  • Achieved critical tolerance request
  • Can produce multiple parts per stroke
All of our presses are equipped with coil feeding systems. Our family of mechanical presses ranges from 25 Ton to 400 Ton.

Precision, absolutely reliable quality:

They are made out of various metals and processed in secondary processes, such as cleaning, polishing, galvanizing. The injection molded parts can be assembled individually or as components to the final products, which widely used in electronics and electrical engineering, in sanitation, in consumer products and automotive industries.

One stop solution:

Even the smallest and thinnest parts can be manufactured precisely and the material utilization may be more than 80 percent – while keeping costs and the environmental impact equally low. In addition, deep drawing allows for very high stroke rates; This possibly increases the production rate compared to the metal-cutting process.


Some of our for progressive drawing product samples:

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