Micro switch parts


Professional design, development and production, micro switches & coding switches & key switches & slide switches & connectors & other switches.

Professional design, development and production of micro switches, coding switches, various electronic switches and high and low voltage connectors, with an independent professional R&D department, with independent development and design capabilities.

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We are ISO 9001、ISO14001、IATF16949、ISO13485 certified.

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The products comply with ROHS and have obtained the safety testing certification of UL, CUL, CE, ENEC, VDE, CQC and other authoritative organizations. Products are widely used in high-end household appliances, office equipment, industrial control, auto parts, medical equipment, cameras and other consumer electronics, communication equipment, security and other fields.

Micro switch series products

MK series switch

DW series switch

DM series switch

SW series switch

DMS series switch

DS037 series switch

1. Beautiful appearance, compact structure and complete styles. Fast action and high responsiveness.

2. Mechanical life up to 30 million times, high reliability.

3. The types of terminals are complete and the range of action force is wide.

4. Wide range of loads, the products cover a variety of models from 0.1A to 26A.

5. Use thermosetting or thermoplastic. Obtained UL, ENEC, CQC and other certifications

Electrical Specifications Electrical Rating

Certification Category Kind  Of Certification

3A;33A 125/250VAC  50~60HZ

5A;53A 125/250VAC  50~60HZ

6A;65A 125/250VAC  50~60HZ

10A;108A 125/250VAC  50~60HZ

16A;1610A 125/250VAC  50~60HZ

22A;2212A 125/250VAC  50~60HZ

26A;2612A 125/250VAC  50~60HZ

26A;2616A 125/250VAC  50~60HZ


Why working with us on your
injection mold design?

√ We assist our clients to refine their product design and assure the product’s accuracy, quality and competitiveness according to the customers’ specifications.


√ We have the capabilities to manufacture complex, high precision parts.


√ Since 2003 we serve our clients for mold design, metal and plastic manufacturing.


√ One stop solution for all your steel products with all manufacturer possibilities inclusive tooling and mold design and execution in-house.


√ We are ISO 9001、ISO14001、IATF16949、ISO13485 certified.

√ We are an American owned company with international management and we understand the requirements our clients in terms of best price, quality and service.


√ We offer to match any legitimate prices from China.


√ We have a team of around 100 experienced engineers and QA specialists.


√ We can offer short manufacturing lead time for the manufacturing of new products and existing products from prototyping to mass production.

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